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Welcome to School Kids in Peterborough 
Where learning is fun, and fun is learning!

We are a licensed; non-profit 501(c)3 child-care organization in Peterborough, NH located adjacent to the Peterborough Elementary School. All children are welcome. We meet SKIP kids at the Peterborough Elementary School and walk them down to our facility. For middle schoolers transportation is readily available from the South Meadow School. At SKIP our staff works hard to empower your children with the ability to make good decisions and to provide an environment that supports and celebrates their unique qualities as individuals. We offer before school care for kindergarten through fourth grade and after school care through eighth grade. We are also able to offer preschool if enough interest arises.

Our programs includes breakfast, snacks and supervised homework time. A variety of rotating club activities give children an opportunity to participate in games, sports, arts & crafts, science & nature projects, cooking, music, drama and creative play. Each week, after homework is done, three activities are offered. One is held outdoors (or in the gym) and focuses on games and sports. Another provides creative outlets in arts & crafts and the third is based on a theme or activity chosen to meet the special interests of the children currently in attendance.

Our partnership with Franklin Pierce University, America Reads and Big Brothers/Big Sisters increases opportunities for individual attention.

SKIP welcomes a diverse student body from all socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds with a wide variety of academic abilities and potential. 

School Kids in Peterborough is about working, playing and having fun together. We would love to include your child in our enriching program while we nurture self-esteem and build positive values! 

Our Mission

School Kids in Peterborough is committed to accommodating working parents' schedules by providing a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for their children before and after school as well as during school vacations. 

  • We support and celebrate each child's unique qualities as an individual. 
  • We empower them with personal choice and decision making.
  • We help help them develop a foundation of positive habits, attitudes, skills and ideas that are essential for a lifetime of creative thinking and learning.

February and April Vacation Weeks 2020

Highlights of Hobbit Week!  summer 2019

Bilbo's house - our version!

Our props and homemade swords. (foamy of course)

WOW! The 1937 cover (reprinted) - Thanks Peterborough Library

We don't take ourselves too seriously! But we love to read - and play chess. - and pretend!

Rock Week was a blast!

We learned about the 3 types of rocks, and the difference between rocks and minerals.  We hunted polished rocks,and did wire wrapping to make some lovely pendants.  We made rock soap, candy agate slices, geode bath bombs, and even some chocolate gems for our snack.  We also took turns breaking geodes.  All while listening to - guess what - Rock and Roll Music!

More SKIP Highlights 
LumberjacK week was a blast!  We got inked! No tall tale!

What can you do with a plastic bottle?

During an April Vacation week we celebrated Earth Week  by making Peterborough a little greener and SKIP a little more colorful!  We cleaned up around town and studied the work of the internationally renowned Glass Artist Dale Chihuly. We made our version of a Chihuly glass sculpture, and our own "Chihuly Bowls"!  What do you think we used?

Our Hours

Monday - Friday 

Morning: 6:30am

Afternoon Pickup: 6:00pm

(Summer and vacation weeks; 5:30pm)

Reminder -  there may be a charge for late pickup.

Visit us: Facebook 

Did you know you can register your child for SKIP and use SKIP only as needed on a drop-in basis?  Call to find out more! 

FLIP your LID for us!

Some of the awesome projects we hope to do during April break and after involve LIDS from things like margarine tubs and soda bottles. We would greatly appreciate donations of these, in as many colors as you can come up with.  Look for our finished garden art eventually!

Calling all art lovers this  summer! 

We incorporate art into all our summer weeks, so if you love art, especially join us  as we make art in a BIG way!  Have you ever done spinning art in a kiddie pool or slipped and slid with paint?  Have you ever had fun with jelli prints?  Either way come and join in the fun here as we do all that and more!   Maybe have some multi-color waffles or painted cookies while you are here! Button crayons anyone?