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Registration Packets

The info packet explains our program, our rates,our policies and has instructions for registering. 

The Contract includes all pages which you must fill out and present for registration. On the back of the contract page is a check list. Please complete this, as your registration will not be considered complete without all necessary forms. Since we are licensed by the state, and want to do the best job possible serving your family, there are many forms! PLEASE keep the information pages for reference, and complete and return EVERY page with a green vertical bar at left.

And yes, even if you registered this summer, or last school year we need it all again, possibly even health forms. Thanks, we know it is tedious, but we want to do the best job for you! (and the state requires it!)

General Registration paperwork (Before and After School Care) are here. Click below (red tab) to print them, and follow directions below to return them. 

To return paperwork you can:

Mail toSKIP or drop it off at:

14 Vine St.                                    PLEASE PRINT

Peterborough,NH 03458             BACK-TO-BACK


scan, upload and email to:

(paperwork may be picked up (or returned) to SKIP in person and left in the white box outside our building if we are not in)

Call 924-7050 with any questions and leave a message, we will get back to you!

Our Covid-19 Safety protocols.

We have been working very hard getting the building ready, with new indoor and outdoor tables for greater distancing while eating, and many other new additions like motion sensor soap dispensers, faucets, etc. to help keep the children and staff safe! (A few are still in process) We have many new curriculum activities as well, that should provide fun while remaining safe. And we have an awesome new walkway!

When dropping off, please come in for sign in and out.  Please be prepared to use your own pen if possible.  While we are no longer requiring masks, please respect safe distancing. We will be following NH DHHS protocols for symptom assessment and allowance into the program on a daily basis.  (for both children and staff)  Thank you for your cooperation in keeping children with symptoms at home.

Please do not allow your children to bring toys from home. We have enough. (and many new things) Exception would be for Kindergartners or new young children who need a stuffie or other transitional object. 

This year we will follow the district and not wear masks unless their protocol changes, but respect the wishes of parents who choose to have their children do so. As much as possible we will plan to be outside, but as at school, we will try to maintain a safe distance from each other both indoors and out. Our tables move about to accommodate eating at a distance, and even work as benches to use during games.

We, like school plan to have smaller  groups of children associate with a teachers, and other children as mcuh as possible. All toys the children use will be sanitized between usage by different groups and we encourage and work in frequent times of either hand washing or hand sanitizing.  All of our fixtures and dispensers have been replace with touchless varieties.

We will serve breakfast as usual, however we will definitely stagger eating (though our new tables allow for better distancing). Children will then have the choice to eat when we call them, but not have total freedom to ask for food whenever they feel like eating. 

We will walk the children directly to school in the morning, and pick them up there in the afternoon. In the afternoon at pick up at PES, we will ask each child how they feel, and possibly take their temperature. Very important - If a child seems to have any symptoms that could be related to Covid-a9 (even if it is not), including a temperature of 100.4 degrees or above, we need to isolate them, call you, and have you come and pick them up asap.


* Provided we have sufficient staff in attendance.

The contract supercedes all rates and information included on this website


Email Address*


Visit Us

 We will isolate them (kindly, of course) outside if possible, and inside in our cozy play loft if need be, and never alone. So, it is very important that we have accurate phone numbers and the ability to reach you, or a designated emergency contact right away if need be. Also, if your child has any current medical issues (like fall allergies - as I do - ragweed is NOT my friend) please tell us about them beforehand, on a daily basis, as runny nose is a symptom the state wants us to send a child home for. I feel that because the children will be at school all day, this won't be a problem, as their symptoms, if any, will probably have already shown up during the day.

If we have forgotten to ask, please be sure we know your child's teacher on the first day of school. (a few of you registered before that was known)

When picking up your child, again, we welcome you to come in, Please use hand sanitizer as you enter.. Since we may be outside in the back, you can also come around there, where we will also have the sign in out sheet. But please maintain a safe distanceand use a clean pen.   

Last year, our attendance was very low compared to other years, which is understandable with everyone's slow transition and Covid-19 concerns. Our summer program though, was booming, with more children than in many previous years. We hope to get this school year's enrollment up to be able to sustain our program, so please share our information with friends if possible! AND LIKE US AND SHARE ON FACEBOOK. I will be putting some information on facebook, and if you can share that would be very helpful!

Here's to a great and healthy school year!

Hillary and the staff

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