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Our Programs

Before & After School

Our before school program is open to grades K-4. Upon arrival kids are served a healthy breakfast and involve themselves in a number of activities. At 8:30am children are escorted up to the Peterborough Elementary School, kindergartners directly to their classrooms

Our after school program is open to grades K-8. There is a bus that will take South Meadow School children to PES. SKIP teachers meet PES and SMS children at the Peterborough Elementary School  and then either walk them to SKIP where we have a healthy snack before engaging in homework and activities. During inclement weather we often can use the school gym.

Please Note: Pickup is must be no later than 6pm. There is a late fee for pickups after 6pm, the charge is $1/minute.

Summer Session and No School Weeks 

Summer Session at SKIP begins just after school ends. Sign-up is available now and you can download our Summer registration packet. It contains all the details!

Every week during the summer session, (and February and April vacation)  has a theme from Gardening to Astronomy to Field Games etc. And also every week we have field trips where we'll walk to local attractions or visit Cunningham Pond.

We plan to offer full day care care during "Remote Learning for All" periods on the Conval calendar. Watch for more to come regarding this in a few weeks.

We believe that children are our future!
Our program will reflect all those beliefs, as we provide theme based learning that will enhance natural curiosity, problem solving, critical thinking skills, and will help foster respect of self and others, embrace diversity, and enhance lifelong learning.
We will focus on the 5 main areas of development including: Cognitive development, Gross Motor Development, Fine Motor Development, Social and Emotional Development, and Sensory Development.
Our program will provide freedom for children to have spontaneous play and interaction where they make discoveries, explore, solve problems, and develop social skills. In addition, structured, teacher-directed activities will teach children to focus attention, and function in a group, fostering success and self esteem.

Bubble wrap week!

We had a great time this Spring finding out everything you could do with bubble wrap.  We made music popping it, we popped "virtual" bubbles online (very satisfying), and we molded chocolate to the bubbles! We made prints with it, learned about artists that inject the bubbles with paint to make amazing canvasses, and we played "bubble wrap trivia."  Did you know that bubble wrap did not start out as a packaging material?  Come and visit us to find out what its original purpose was!